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With multiple ways to teach how to properly speak in public and in press conferences, is not a surprise that many strategies and tactics are being invented or discovered right now.

And with a large number of companies who wish to upgrade the way they express to the audience in public, this skill has become crucial when making business.

I have years in the field of media training and being a professional coach in this subject, but I still find it fascinating how the new techniques and tactics that are being implemented right now in the market.

That’s why Sightline Consulting being a blog about media training. Needs to have more ways and techniques on how to achieve a good communication, for that I offer the opportunity to any reader that knows any new and effective technique to teach this subject, to please write an article for Sightline Consulting.

If you are a communication coach and want to tell about your experience working with different companies and what perks did you learn along the way. You can also consider writing for us.

If you are interested in writing an article to Sightline Consulting about a new strategy or, you want to write an interesting article about media training. Please contact me by using the contact information provided; I will make it worth the time.