Media Training

3 Media Training Exercises to perform if you’re wanting to Get Better Quickly

Media training is something that is not learned just by theories and books. It’s true the tips, tools, and strategies you can use will be of great benefit to you, but perfection is achieved with practice.

If you don’t practice, unfortunately, you will not know how to handle an interview, press conference, or any event that is a public exposition for you and your company.

To learn how to express in a calm and assertive way in front or an audience, whether how big or small this might be, it is crucial, and almost, mandatory, to adopt certain habits to improve your skills set.

So, here we present some media training exercises to perform if you want to get better fast:


The interviews are a bit more complicated because they will ask you completely unexpected questions that may catch you off guard.

For that reason, you must have a previous preparation on the subject to be discussed as to familiarize yourself with the brand, the product, or service, and the company in general.

There are different kinds of interviewers. You may get some more direct and strong coming ones who want to ask uncomfortable or tricky questions. You must prepare for it so that you can completely control the interview and handle it in your own way.

On the other hand, there will always be certain interviews where everything seems to be fine, and where you will feel free to talk the way you want and feel at the moment.

But maybe they are just testing you and check how fast you can let your guard down in front of your superiors. It’s a professionalism test you should keep in mind.



In a debate, you will certainly not know what to expect, because it’s practically a verbal confrontation that you will have with a person who has different thoughts and ideas.

Obviously, every planned debate will have its limits and restrictions.

From there you can only expect the pure truth. In it, each person will try to defend their position, their ideals. This mostly occurs in the political area, but it can also be possible between entrepreneurs.




The speeches are something that should be prepared in advance. What is going to be said, maybe in a press conference or a public event, should be studied and thoroughly thought-out.

You should try not to take so long or be tedious because that will bore people, and they will undoubtedly get distracted.

You can add a little humor or phrases that catch people’s interest, so they pay attention. Most importantly, you must be precise. You should focus on the specific message you want to say, not something so extensive.

In any of these cases, the media training is necessary. This offers different advantages, like the application of strategies, you can also practice the previous strategies you had used, which gives you more advantage.

Above all, you will know how to use the necessary tools to be able to transmit your message in a clear and precise way.